Creating Lifetime Memories
on Canvas

Stephen Popadich |
Live Wedding Painter | Charleston, SC 


Gadsden House Charleston, SC
Lowndes Grove - Charleston, SC
Legare Waring House - Charleston, SC
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"Stephen was a total hit at the wedding! Guests loved coming up and watching him paint the scene"

-Mark & Ashley

"Stephen is so talented! He was by far the most receptive of our needs, ideas and making our painting come to life!"

-Kyle & Suzi

"It was worth it for both guests and for us- guests loved watching him paint and we loved our paining!"

-Lizzy & Roger

About the Artist

Stephen Popadich has been an artist for over 25 years. After earning a degree in art, Stephen found a wonderful opportunity capturing all the love with “Live on site painting.” Stephen shares his creativity for all celebrations, capturing memories to last a lifetime.
Stephen lives in Charleston with his wife and 2 children. He is also a pastor at Seacoast Church in Mount Pleasant.

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Q & A

Local Artist in Charleston SC? Yes

Do you travel? Yes

How long will you paint for? 7-8h

What paints do you use? Professional Acrylic

How much of the painting will be complete? 90%

Will I get the painting that day? After the wedding, Stephen will take it back to his studio and finalize the work within 7 days.

Do I get to chose the size & moment? Absolutely

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Creating lifetime memories on canvas.

It is not just a painting, It’s an experience shared by all.
I welcome guests to swing by to
say “Hello” and check the progress. The majority of the work will be done on site for all to enjoy!

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